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God and Time Brings Unique Solutions

If your year has been anything like mine, it's been busy with no sign of letting up. Unfortunately that has meant fewer communications and write ups on the site, but never late than never. The good news is that God is never too busy to help us and He is always available. The Bible assures us that "God hears the prayers of the righteous". Proverbs 15:29

Somethings we go through may feel like an existential crisis in the moment, and we despair of finding a solution, but God is wise and all-knowing. We can continue to struggle on our own to fix things - and sometimes we know what to do or stumble upon a solution. However, our solutions are sometimes clumsy, imperfect, self-serving and may even create other issues or additional problems. This is because we only see in part and we know in part; none of us has perfect wisdom or understanding.

There is only one with all knowledge, and that is God and I have found Him to be the most wise God. When we pray, we invite Him into the situation and give Him the right to intervene in our affairs. The Lord has so many solutions tailored to each situation and for every unique individual. With him, it is never a one size fits all. He may make you go to war and fight, or ask you to march around the wall seven times. Jesus healed one person by the laying on of hands and healed another by the rubbing on of spittle. Today, He can make you go to the doctor, take a holistic approach or just make the sickness go away. One thing you can be sure of, whatever the need, whatever the challenge, God has a solution tailor made - just for you. Invite Him into your heart today and ask Jesus to help you in every situation. Don't put him in a box based on your limited knowledge nor judge His ability because of your past experience. He will not disappoint you. He has promised that He will help you, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do you have a difficult problem today? Are your challenges overwhelming? You've heard it said 'to every problem, there is a solution'. Yes, and God's got every one of them. All you need is God and time.


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