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Fear Not!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

With everything going on right now, I sometimes feel myself slipping into an abyss of hopelessness. Like I’m just taking one step at a time with no re hi al reason to take the next other than because I have to. It dawns on me that many are dead and dying but I’m not one of them so I have no other choice but to keep loving - and I better be grateful for that! When I rouse myself out of the swirling thoughts that are trying to sink me in the quick sand of despair, I remember Isaiah 41:10 and the world tilts back right side up.

The Lord commands us not to fear because He knows that fear has the power to make us freeze and stop us in our tracks. It keeps us from going forward; it hinders us from making progress. Fear has torment. Truth is, there are a lot of truly fearful things in this world, especially in recent times. But God confidently adjures us not to fear for He is with us. He is the Master of the universe, nothing and no one is more powerful than He. Who would you rather have on your side?

‘Be not dismayed’. When the headlines are blaring trumpets of war. ‘Be not dismayed’, when you’re counting losses like days of the year. ‘Be not dismayed’ when you realize that you hurt so badly you will do anything to numb the pain. God gently reminds you that He is ‘your’ God. Not a faraway, uncaring despot but Jesus Christ who deliberately took on the form of human flesh so He can relate to you and be touched by your feelings of infirmity. He knows how much you hurt and He cares about you. About every little thing that concerns you.

There is no shortage of trouble in life, but those who come to God through Jesus Christ have the guarantee that He is with us. He will strengthen us and help us. He will hold us up under the weight of life’s burdens and we are assured of comfort and divine help through the troubles and victory over death and the grave.

Come today; call on God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Bring your anxieties, bring your troubles. He promises not to turn you away and He says that He will help you. Believe Him; trust in Him. Fear not!

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