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Alone, but not lonely

There are almost 8 billion people on the earth, yet many people feel very lonely. Spending eight hours at work, coming home to a crowded house or spending time at a noisy bar does not necessarily help alleviate feelings of loneliness. Sometimes it makes it worse.

This was the way I felt when I started my journey

back to Christ - alone and adrift. I remember taking long walks and talking out loud to whoever was out there. In a crowded room, I often felt alone. One day, I found myself inviting the Lord to reveal Himself to me. For years, it seemed that I searched for Him in all the wrong places and wrong ways. Yet, once I stopped the frantic rush and slowed down to cry out to Him consistently and sincerely, something shifted. There was a feeling of being heard; I did not have any new answers, but my spirit recognized the connection with the Creator of heaven and earth. Somehow, I knew that He walked with me.

I invited Jesus into my heart as a kid, and again as a teenager. None of those experiences prepared me for this fresh encounter with the Lord. It was exciting because it was intentional and a personal, non-coerced commitment to an intimate relationship. Since that day almost 40 years ago, I have spent time alone for hours and days on end, but I no longer suffer from the deep, vulnerable pangs of loneliness. The promise of God from Hebrews 13:5 is that He will never leave us nor let us be alone. (NLT) He promises not to abandon His people (1 Samuel 12:22).

Are you feeling alone? Call on God and ask Him into your heart. Not only does He relieve us of the current burdens and anxieties, His holy Spirit becomes your closest companion and your friend. As you nurture the relationship through Bible reading and prayer, God's Spirit speaks to you and nudges you throughout the day, encouraging and instructing you. John 14:26 You never have to be alone again as the Holy Spirit comes alongside of you to help you live life. He fulfills the promise Jesus made then and still means today, "I am with you always". Matthew 28:20

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